Top 4 Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia

If you are tired of working for other people and ready to become your own boss, a real estate career is one of the best ways to do it. It doesn’t require any previous experience, doesn’t cost a lot of money to get licensed, and gives you the potential to make as much as you want. You just have to have a passion for meeting new people and helping others achieve their dream.

The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) is the government regulator that establishes all of the rules and licensing requirements for the entire state of Georgia. They require that you get a basic level of education on the real estate industry by completing a 75-hour pre-license course and taking a real estate exam at a testing center. After you get licensed, there is an additional 25-hour post-license course that must be completed within your first year of licensure. This only has to be done once and is really an extension of the pre-license course. From there, you just need to complete 36 hours of continuing education every 4 years to renew your Georgia real estate license.

Finding the right real estate will play a crucial role in your success. Not only does it help you fulfill all of the state’s requirements, but it will build your confidence as you embark on this new endeavor. We’ve saved you the hassle of doing the research and reviewed the top real estate schools that will guarantee your success.

Perfect for Busy People

Aceable Agent is an exciting new real estate school. While they are still relatively small, you wouldn’t know that by taking their courses. That’s because they have leveraged technology more than any other school to make education feel more engaging and convenient. They have built their courses on a mobile platform where you can easily access your courses online or through a mobile app.

The biggest difference with Aceable Agent is that they only have one package. They designed it so that it contains everything you need to successfully get licensed. The 75-hour pre-license course was developed by top-producing real estate agents to not only fulfill the education requirement, but also prepare you for the state exam, saving you time and money. If this sounds too good to be true, they back this up with their money-back guarantee to ease any concerns. If you don’t pass the real estate exam, they will give you 100% of your money back.

Since they are still building out their real estate program, they do not offer any post-license or continuing education courses yet. So, after you become a real estate agent, you will have to find these course at a different provider.

Perfect for Building a Long-Term Career

Real Estate Express is the largest online school in America. They have been serving real estate professionals for over thirty years and have helped millions of students with their education. They have found the formula that works best for people and have replicated that across all their real estate courses.

While they don’t offer any live classes, they do give you the most options out of any school. They have every real estate course you will ever need for the entire duration of your real estate career, comprehensive exam prep tools, and even additional training courses to help you right after you get licensed. It’s really up to you to decide how much or how little you want to study.

You get the most bang for the buck with the Exam Preparation Plus package. You get the required 75-hour online course, over 1,000 Exam prep practice questions, money-back guarantee, the 25-hour post-license course which you have to complete by the first year of getting licensed, and the access to live instructors with the Instructor Q&A.

Perfect for Studying with the Best

Kaplan has been the long-standing leader in education longer than anybody. With millions of students from dozens of countries, they are widely recognized as the #1 trusted brand. Their program has the most prestige and considered to be the Harvard of real estate education. However, keep in mind that high quality commands a high price tag as well.

Although there are two packages listed on their website, they really have one package to help you get licensed. The second package just adds on some extra training to use after you get license to help you hit the ground running.

Regardless of which package you get, you will get access to their proprietary exam prep called QBank. This is a sophisticated practice test engine that allows you to simulate any type of test condition you want. This really allows you to target your weak areas while spending less time on your strengths. Kaplan also includes Interactive Study Groups with all their programs. These are live webinar sessions at pre-determined dates, where you can ask the faculty questions directly.

Perfect for a Low-Cost Option is a well-established online education provider. They specialize in providing mandatory courses that are required by state regulators, so they are not specific to real estate. However, they have a lot of experience across many industries and understand the needs of their student. keeps it simple. While other schools offer a lot of bells and whistles, they stick to the bare essentials required for licensing. Nothing more, nothing less. This allows them to keep costs extremely low and pass those savings onto their students. As a result, their programs are the cheapest in the industry.

This program would be recommended for somebody who already has a lot of experience in real estate and most likely, won’t need that much support. This could also be a good fit for someone who isn’t sure about a full-blown career as a real estate agent and wants to limit their financial risk by testing out the waters first.

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