TOP-RATED Real Estate Schools in Arizona – 2022

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If you are interested in starting a career in real estate, the first thing you will need to do is to get licensed by the state government. The Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) is the agency that is in charge of overseeing all the requirements needed to obtain a real estate license in Arizona. You will be in periodic contact with them throughout your entire real estate career.

Education Requirements

It is a pretty easy and straightforward process to meet the licensing requirements. The ADRE requires that you take 90 hours of pre-licensing education that has been approved by them. This is basically an introductory course on real estate that is designed to take someone with no real estate background and bring them up to speed. They also require that you complete an additional 6-hour Contracts Writing course and pass a real estate exam at a testing center.

Finding A Good School

Now that we know what the state requires to get licensed, the next step is to find a real estate school approved by the ADRE to complete the coursework. Finding a good school isn’t as easy as you might think. Currently, there are over 170 approved education providers offering real estate courses in Arizona. However, some schools don’t have the full program to get licensed, so you would need to take the remaining courses somewhere else. Furthermore, there are schools that only offer exam prep to study for the real estate exam or continuing education courses you need after getting licensed, but don’t actually carry any pre-licensing courses at all. 

We went through the entire list and wanted to share our findings in hopes that it will help other people and save you time. After reviewing each real estate school in Arizona, we were surprised to find that there was one clear winner that was the best school to help you get a Arizona real estate license. 

We came to this conclusion by looking at how well the students at each real estate school performed at passing the actual real estate exam. Below are the exam pass rates for the month of September 2021 for people taking the real estate exam for the first time. These are official statistics released by the ADRE.

 SchoolTotal GradedTotal Passed Pass Rate
1Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (In person class)17513074%
2Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (Online courses)1219675%
3The CE Shop Inc (Online courses)763445%
4American Realty Academy (Online courses)401948%
5Hogan School of Real Estate LLC (Online courses)362878%
6Hogan School of Real Estate LLC (In person classes)251352%
7Baum School of Real Estate (In person class)141071%
8College of Real Estate Corporation (Online courses)11218%
9PDH Academy9111%
10Americana Arizona, LLC DBA Arizona Real Estate Education8225%
11Enava Enterprises LLC DBA Yuma Real Estate Academy7114%
12American Realty Academy LLC (In person class)6350%
13The CE Shop, Inc. (In person classes)6233%
14Dodd’s School of Real Estate5360%
15Online Ed Inc4375%
16Mesa Community College3267%
17Southeast Arizona School of Real Estate3267%
18Real Estate Career Consultants LLC3267%
19Bohler Institute for Continuing Education (Online courses)3133%
204023 Investments Inc (dba Hogan School of Real Estate Inc)2150%
21Arizona Real Estate School for Success2150%
22Arizona Academy of Real Estate200%
23Arizona State University200%
24Scottsdale Community College (Online courses) 200%
25DF Institute LLC dba Kaplan Real Estate Education200%
26Scottsdale Community College (In person class)11100%
27Arizona Living School of Real Estate 11100%
28Arizona Department of Real Estate (ULR)11100%
29Peak Performance School of Real Estate LLC 11100%
30Arizona Academy of Real Estate 100%
31Winn School of Real Estate100%
32Educational Systems100%
33Glendale Community College 100%
34South Mountain Community College100%
35Westford College, Inc100%
36Realty-University, LLC DBA Realty University 100%
37Northland Pioneer College 100%
38White Mountain Real Estate School100%
39Peak Performance School of Real Estate LLC110%
40Universal License Recognition 100%
41Real Estate Career Development100%

Normally, we would like to create a short-list of the top 3 or 4 schools, but it is pretty clear to see that if you are getting a real estate license in Arizona, the best school is the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (ASREB). They are the biggest school and they have the best track record. No matter if you prefer to learn in a classroom or study online from home, ASREB offers both options and their students have the highest pass rates in both categories.

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes them so successful.

Approved Course Provider

First things first, ASREB is an approved provider with the Arizona Department of Real Estate, and they have the full program to get a real estate license. They offer the required 90-hour pre-licensing course as well as the 6-hour Intro to Contract Writing course (96 hours of total coursework). They also provide over 300 continuing education courses, which you will need to take later on in your real estate career. 

Course Format

There are three types of course formats possible in the industry to take these real estate courses: online, livestream video, or in person classroom. Most schools will offer one or two of these. ASREB is one of the handful of schools that offer all three of these formats. 

  • Online: This format is your standard online course where you read a course textbook (online or physical book) and answer multiple-choice test questions at the end of each section. You can study at your own pace and on your own schedule as long as you finish everything within 6 months. 

Recommended for: This is a great option if you love to read or have an unpredictable schedule and don’t know exactly when you will have time during the day to study.

  • Livestream: The Livestream course is conducted like a live webinar over Zoom. This means the courses are at pre-set dates and times and you will need to have a stable internet connection. Fortunately, they have a variety of scheduling options to choose from. They have morning only sessions from 9 am to 1:30 pm that lasts 3.5 weeks, evening only sessions (6 pm to 10:30 pm) over 6 weeks, Saturday only option (8 am to 5:30 pm) that lasts 9 weeks. They also have an all-day (8 am to 5:30 pm) fast track option that takes just 9 business days. 

Recommended for: If you have a busy schedule and you feel that reading will be too boring, then this will be the best route for you. You still get the interactive learning experience to keep you engaged, but you can attend the course from home. 

  • In person classroom: This is the traditional learning environment, where you physically are sitting inside of a classroom and listening to an instructor teach the lesson. This gives you the greatest amount of engagement but there is very limited scheduling and availability options. There are only two classroom locations available and you must attend all day (8 am to 5:30pm) every business day for 2 weeks. 

Main Campus:
7350 Nortth Dobson Road, Suite 120
Scottsdale, Arizona 85256

18185 N 83rd Avenue, #D-101
Glendale, Arizona 85308

Recommended for: If you live in Scottsdale or Glendale and have plenty of time on your hands, then driving to a classroom to take the course would probably be the most enjoyable learning experience. 


With all of the packages, you get to choose one course format of your choice (i.e. in person classroom, livestream, or online reading), but you have to stick with that format until course completion. In other words, you can’t enroll in a classroom format and then change your mind to switch to the livestream format later on.

However, with the Set for Success package, you do get access to the other formats if you want a supplemental study aid. This package also includes the powerful CompuCram exam prep, which will help you study for the real estate exam. You get unlimited practice test questions that mimic the actual exam and there is a Readiness Indicator that tells you when you are sufficiently prepared to take on the exam.

What Package Should You Get?

Set for Success Package works best for someone who wants the best chance for building a successful, long-term real estate career. It includes everything ASREB has to offer in terms of pre-licensing, support, and study materials. You also get additional courses to help you jumpstart your career after you get licensed. 

Career Start Package is the minimum package you should consider if you are new to the real estate industry. This package includes all the pre-licensing courses you need as well as crucial exam preparation study materials to help you pass the exam. 

Basic Package is recommended for people who already have experience working in the real estate industry, don’t need a lot of help,  and just need the prerequisite course to meet the state education requirements. 

If you would like more information, you can head over to their website at