TOP-RATED 4 Online Real Estate Schools In California – 2022

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If you are looking to start a new career or just want an additional source of income, becoming a real estate agent is one of the best ways to do it. You get to meet new people every day and help them achieve their dream of buying a new home. That big commission check that you get is also a good source of motivation. 

The first step to  becoming a real estate agent is to get licensed. This license is officially called the Salespersons license. This is an easy process which involves taking three real estate courses and a real estate exam. It is important to find the right school that will adequately prepare and help you succeed. 

At the time of this writing, there are currently 146 accredited schools providing California real estate courses. On the surface, they all appear to be offering the same thing. However, that could not be further from the truth. Every real estate school has their own approach and personality when it comes to teaching courses. Some schools develop their own courses while others are merely reselling the courses from other schools. Some schools only have an online book while others offer video and audio options. There are ones that offer interactive live stream courses while others do not have that available. 

After researching through the entire list of schools, here are our top picks that will help you obtain your real estate license in California. 

Price Range: $188 to $348

Allied Schools has been the #1 leader for online real estate courses in California for over 20 years. They have had over a million enrollments into their real estate courses over their 30 year history and offer every course you will ever need for the entire duration of your real estate career. If you talk to any real estate agent in California, they will have either taken Allied courses themselves or know someone else who has.  

They now give you two options for taking the course: online or livestream. The online course is where you read the real estate textbook and answer multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. You can work on this at any time of the day and are given up to 6 months to complete the program. This is great if you are busy with an unpredictable schedule and want full flexibility to learn at your own pace.

However, if you feel this route may not be engaging enough, they now also offer a livestream course. This is on a fixed schedule, so you need to make sure your schedule will be able to accommodate this. The good thing is this is a virtual class, so you can log in from anywhere you have internet access and they have morning, afternoon, and weekend sessions that will work with anyone’s calendar. This livestream option also includes physical textbooks, money-back guarantees, and an additional video course to prepare for the real estate exam. 

Best suited for: Interactive Learning

Allied Schools has been the top choice for real estate agents in California for a long time and it’s easy to see why. They are constantly coming out with new ways to keep students engaged and back up their claims with a money-back guarantee. They are one of the few real estate schools that offer a livestream course, which allows you to take the course with a live instructor from the comfort of your own home. 

Price range : $119 to $259

Aceable is one of the younger real estate schools on the market and their courses definitely have the most personality. Instead of reading a course textbook that is dry and boring, they try to liven up the content by making it sound conversational. The sentence structure and examples they use are very relatable and easy to understand. 

The format of their online course is in PDF format, where you read at your own pace and answer online test questions. If you want more variety to digest the content, you can upgrade to the “Ace the Exam” package, where you get supplemental video and audio lessons that cover the important topics more in depth. If you feel you will need more support, they do offer one-on-one tutoring and live webinars, where you can ask questions to a live instructor. 

Because they are a newer school, they don’t have a ton of options available. They currently don’t offer any other elective course besides Legal Aspects and they also don’t carry any continuing education courses at this time. So, that also means that they do not have the full program to become a broker. 

Best suited for: Studying Independently

Aceable has the complete program if you are starting out new to get your real estate license. However, they don’t have the additional courses required to renew an existing license or to upgrade to a brokers license. Where they really shine is the way their course is written. It sounds very personable, like one of your friends talking to you and not in a boring style that will put you to sleep. 

(formerly Real Estate Express)

Price Range: $129 to $449

Colibri Real Estate is the biggest real estate school in the nation. They have real estate programs in virtually every state and have the most courses available to help you in every aspect of your career. Whether you are completely new to real estate or a seasoned veteran looking to renew your license, they have all the courses you will ever need.  

As a new agent, you have to take Principles, Practice, and an elective course of your choice. Most schools only offer Legal Aspects or Finance. Colibri Real Estate offers those as well as gives you four additional choices to choose from: Property Management, Appraisal, Economics, and Office Administration. 

This also means they have the full brokers program. So, if you ever want to upgrade your license in the future, you can get the rest of the required courses done at the same place in a format that you are already familiar with. 

The course itself is presented in your typical online format, where you are reading an online book and answering multiple-choice test questions. If prefer to read out of physical book, you can get one mailed out to you. The great thing about this format is that it gives you the freedom to study at your own pace, and you have up to 6 months to complete the program. 

Best suited for: Value Shoppers

Colibri Real Estate is the biggest and arguably the most stable real estate school in the industry. They offer every course you will ever need throughout your entire real estate career and then some. They have extra courses and exam prep to help you study for the exam as well as career building courses to help you hit the ground running after you get licensed. All of these options combined with their frequent promotions make this an unbeatable deal.

The CE Shop review | Real Estate License

Price Range: $129 to $239

The courses from The CE Shop are unique from other schools in that they require active learning. They are text-based, so you are reading an online book. However, the quizzes and final exams have a variety of question formats (i.e. matching, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, etc…) This has been shown to help you retain the information better, but you may find yourself spending more time in the course. This is simply because you can’t cut any corners and have to read every question and answer carefully. 

The content in the course is based on real-life scenarios and actual situations that real estate agents have encountered. This will not only prepare you for the state exam but also after you get licensed. The CE Shop boasts a pass rate of over 90% on their website. This is based on their own self-reported surveys, so you should take this information with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, after personally seeing how rigorous and thorough the program was, I am entirely confident in the integrity of their high pass rate. 

The CE Shop also provides industry-leading support hours, covering all 7 days of the week via phone, email, and live chat. 

Best suited for: the Knowledge Seeker

This is great for people who genuinely want to take their time to learn as much as possible so they can set themselves up for a successful career in real estate. There are no shortcuts with the program. You will be required to truly master the material. The CE Shop is the perfect program for the book worm. 

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