Top 7 Tips To Close More Real Estate Deals

The most crucial task for any real estate agent is closing the deal, but not many agents know the art of closing the deal. Many real estate agents are experts in the theoretical side of the business, but they are unable to convert the theoretical knowledge into practical implementation.

You cannot make any money in real estate without learning the art of sales. It cannot be learned in the classroom but can only be learned in the field. You need to know how to bargain. You need to know how to talk to clients and cater to their needs.

 It is crucial in sales to be your natural self in front of the clients, as opposed to giving the same cookie-cutter treatment to everyone. No matter if you are selling a residential apartment, trying to rent a commercial building for a year, or signing a lease, all of these instances involve sales.

We have talked with several real estate experts and created a list of the top 7 tips to close more deals. We would like to share this list with you so that you will be able to close more deals in less time.

1. Keeping It Real

Confidence is key in any kind of conversation, especially when you are selling something to a client. You need to be confident while keeping it real. There is no need for throwing a lot of facts and figures at your client. Just realize what your client needs are and cater to his or her needs by giving a proposal that they simply cannot refuse. 

Try to work step by step to create a deal which is acceptable for both parties involved. Give the clients a complete overview of the property and don’t digress and talk about the number of restaurants that are situated within a 5-mile radius of the property. Once your client is interested in the property, you can follow up with those types of details later.

2. Be a Good Listener

Try to listen to your clients instead of blasting them with all the details of the property you want to sell them in the first meeting. You need to clearly understand the needs of your clients first, and then you can give them a property that will cater to their needs. Ask as many questions as you can to clarify the requirements from your clients. When you deliver what they want, you will establish the fact that you are trustworthy and understanding enough to provide them with an attractive deal. The chances of getting a deal done increases when both the client and the real estate agent understand each other. It will also create a positive relationship with a client, and even if they don’t buy from you the first time, whenever they need a property in the future, they will definitely come back to you because of the positive experience they’ve had with you.

3. Be Reassuring

It is natural that your clients will have doubts and anxiety because they are putting a large amount of money at risk.  Listen to the issues of your clients, and face them head-on. If you are unable to solve the problems, you can present another property to your clients. There is no need in convincing your clients about a property they are no longer interested in. Be truthful in your dealings and show them something that fits their needs in a better way. If you feel they are getting cold feet, remind them about the things they said that they loved about the property in the first place and why they should buy it.

4. Create a Custom Script

Whenever you are dealing with a client, you need a proper script. You can learn from the other successful agents in the area, or you can find stuff online and take inspiration from it. Don’t cram someone else’s script because it will come off as insincere, and the client will feel that you are just reading out something that you’ve memorized. Your sales tactics need to be based on your natural self and remember each client is different, so you need to customize your script accordingly.

5. Keep the Suprise Factor Alive

Always have something extra to offer in a deal whenever the client seems to get away from the deal. You may have to ask other real estate agents for suggestions, but it is all about making the sale happen. You can ask other real estate agents for help in creating a package that is irresistible to them, and you can offer to give your fellow agent a small cut of your commission after it closes. Have a great working relationship with the other real estate agents in the area and find out the extra spice you can provide alongside the original deal.

6. Project Confidence

Whenever you are trying to make a deal happen, you should be really confident about it. Your confidence has to be expressed in your conversation as it will definitely affect your dealings. The client is relying on you to give him or her a great deal and if they think that you are holding back, they will definitely back off instead of moving forward to finalize the deal.

7. Always Be Prepared

You have to prepare yourself every day and be current on market trends to remain successful in the real estate market. Try to study new listings and programs that are available in your area each day, and get to know the details of the properties. Match the needs of your clients with the properties that are available for sale, and give a new perspective to your clients. When the client realizes that you know everything about the property you are selling or the rental you are offering, they will be more likely to consider it than if you didn’t have all the details. You must remain prepared regarding each deal, and you have to provide the best possible service to your clients.


It is a long process to be successful in the real estate business, but you can prepare yourself for the market and remain confident in your skills. If you can follow these 7 tips, you will definitely be successful. All you need to do is believe in yourself, and keep practicing your skills. They will naturally improve and get better with time.  Understand your clients, and treat them nicely to create a better relationship with them because succeeding in real estate has nothing to do with the property, it’s all about the people.

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  • I liked how you mentioned that you should clearly understand the needs of your clients to help close real estate deals. My brother is wanting to be a real estate agent and he was wondering how he can close deals with his clients quicker. I’ll be sure to tell him that he should understand the needs of his clients to close more deals.

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