Top 5 Reasons I Love Being A Realtor

There are hundreds of professions in the world, but no other career ranks as high as real estate in terms of happiness and job satisfaction. If you thought working as a teacher in Kindergarten or as a manager in a bank are very satisfying jobs, you are mistaken.

According to the recent results of a survey, it determined that real estate agents are the happiest and in love with their jobs. If you are looking for a career with the highest job satisfaction, do not look any further than real estate.  Here are the top 5 things I love about working in the real estate industry as an agent.

1. I am my own boss.

Real estate is the answer for you if you hate doing a 9 to 5 office job. If you hate being monitored continuously by someone or asked to do this or that work whether you like it or not, become a real estate agent.

I realized the advantages of being my own boss after becoming a real estate agent. I decide my hours of work and the work schedule for the day. I can choose to take a day off and spend time with my friends or family members. I am also free to make decisions about my clients and projects according to my own free will. There is no interference from anyone, and I just love the freedom I enjoy as a real estate agent.

It is not that there are no responsibilities, but I am free to express my likes and dislikes as an individual. I love the fact that I cannot be forced to do a project or transaction for a client if I don’t like it. It is like running your own company with no one to give you orders.

2. My schedule is flexible.

Being a real estate agent confers to you the freedom to choose your hours of work. If you get up one morning and feel that you don’t want to work, it is up to you to take a holiday.

You decide when you can take a break and enjoy a vacation with your family or friends. You can choose to work 10 hours on one day and then decide to not work at all another day.

However, I know I must keep in mind the convenience and comfort of my clients and their schedule when making my own schedule. I also know that I may be asked to visit clients’ places at odd hours, but it is a part of being a real estate agent. But I also know that I don’t need to seek the permission of my boss to watch a movie during day time or go to the beach during the week.

3. I get to meet new people every day.

I am an extrovert and love to be among people. Real estate agent’s job gives me a chance to see, meet, and interact with new people regularly which is a vibrant and rewarding experience for me.

Whether I am attending seminars or conferences, I am happy to meet people in the same profession. It helps me to develop a strong network for myself, and I also learn a lot about real estate through the exchange of ideas and interactions. I don’t think there is any other profession or career where I can get to meet so many people at such a frequent basis.

There are colleagues, partners, affiliates, clients, vendors, contractors, lenders, brokers, and all sorts of people that I get a chance to meet as a real estate agent. What I love about this career is that even I don’t know who I will meet, talk to, or see as a real estate agent on the next day. Every day is a new day, and I am happy to meet new people.

4. I can earn as much as I want.

There is no fixed salary or monthly income for a real estate agent. Yet, successful real estate agents earn more money than a top executive in a multinational company. This shows the earning potential of a real estate agent. I know that my earnings as a realtor are dependent upon my networking, marketing, and my reputation. The more I work upon these three aspects of my profession, the more I can hope to earn in my career. I am yet to come across any other job or business where I can expect to earn as much as I do as a real estate agent. Also, I am in total control over my career, and I can advance it to the next higher level whenever I am ready and work hard for it.

Of course, I cannot take income for granted, and I must work hard to earn my commission. But the good thing is that there is no cap or limit to what I can make from this profession as a real estate agent.

5. I can work anywhere I want.

As a real estate agent, I am not restricted by geographical boundaries. My license and qualification allow me to represent my client anywhere in the state and I can help them with their real estate transaction. I have no office where I must report every morning, and I can arrange meetings anywhere I like. I can meet with people in restaurants, movie theatres, beaches, golf courses, and even resorts. There is no dress code, and I can walk in my jeans and a T-shirt if I so desire. I choose to dress up casually when showing clients properties. It helps in relaxing the clients, and they can talk to me freely.

There are many more aspects of my career as a real estate agent that I love a lot. However, the flexible work schedule, high earning potential, and the freedom I get from my job as a realtor are things that I value the most.

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