Top Online Real Estate Schools In Michigan For Your Personality

Once you decide to get your real estate license in Michigan, you are going to have to choose a real estate school from the hundreds of options out there. While they appear to be similar on the surface, every school has their own approach and style when it comes to learning. That’s why the best school you can choose is the one that aligns with your own personality and the way that you like to study. 

Before we take a look at schools, we need to first determine what type of person you are. Take a look at the personality types below and identify the one you think strongly matches with yours. You will most likely identify with more than one, so just go with the one that describes you best. 

  1. Extroverts love being around people all the time.
  2. Introverts may enjoy being around other people but definitely need alone time as well.
  3. Sensors prefer to see things with their own eyes. They stick to practical activities that engage their five senses.
  4. Intuitives look at the big picture rather than small details. They are dreamers who see endless possibilities.
  5. Thinkers love to analyze lots of data and numbers to form an objective opinion.
  6. Feelers are a people-person who make decisions based on gut feelings and personal values.
  7. Judgers are highly organized and prefer structure and planning.
  8. Perceivers go with the flow. They are spontaneous, open-minded, and can adapt to their environment.
Now that you’ve identified the type of person you are, we can take a look at the best real estate schools that will match your personality to help you successfully obtain your real estate license in Michigan. 

Best School for Extroverts, Sensors, and Feelers

Extroverts will feel right at home with Aceable’s courses. Right when you start the course, you are greeted with a video introduction from one of their instructors. Although the course is mainly online reading, you still get to interact with real people through their live webinars and Q&A sessions held every week. There is also an option to meet with an instructor one-on-one to discuss any topic of your choice. 

Aceable is a great choice for Sensors because of all the interactive tools to help you learn. There are short audio and video lessons that cover the most important areas you need to know. There is even a narrated version included with the course if you want to switch things up and listen to the book rather than read it online. 

Aceable is a natural fit for Feelers since they like to emphasize interpersonal skills and client relationships. While most of the course involves reading online text, Aceable has written their courses in an entertaining way. The course doesn’t read like an old, outdated college textbook. Instead, it sounds very personable, as if one of your friends is coaching you through the lesson. 

Best School for Introverts, Intuitives, and Perceivers

Colibri Real Estate is a great option for Introverts because of their comprehensive online resources and support for independent self-study. They have flashcards, study guides, recorded webinars, worksheets, and even hard copy books available to give you the freedom to study however you want.

As the largest online real estate school in the country, Colibri Real Estate offers the complete career solution for Intuitives. They have courses to help you in every step of your real estate career, from getting licensed all the way to closing more real estate transactions.

Colibri Real Estate caters to Perceivers by offering the most packages and resources of any school. You get the flexibility to explore various topics of real estate that you find interesting with complete independence. This open learning environment also helps people with busy schedules by giving them the flexibility to go at their own pace.

Best School for Introverts, Thinkers, and Judgers

The CE Shop also has a program that would be great for Introverts. It is a 100% online only course where you are essentially reading the whole time. This allows you to study independently and at your own pace. However, you still get phone, chat, and email support if you have questions 7 days a week.

The CE Shop is perfect for Thinkers. They built their own custom learning platform called LEAP 2.0 from scratch. It is an inquiry-based model that gets your feedback as you study. This helps it generate test questions tailored to you to make your learning experience as optimal as possible.

Judgers may prefer the clean interface and organized format from The CE Shop. They walk you through the material one slide at a time, and you can easily see your progress along the way. They have developed a thoughtful program from start to finish by closely monitoring how all of their students performed on the actual exam.