Top Real Estate Schools In Illinois Based On Your Personality

There are a lot of real estate schools to choose from in Illinois, and each school has their own approach to learning. Some schools like incorporating a lot of repetitive exercises to help with memorizing a lot of facts while other schools focus more on understanding real estate law on a broader scope. Both methods can be successful, so it’s really going to depend on finding the school that matches the way you like to study that will increase your probability for success.

To find out which school is right for you, we’ll need to determine what kind of person you are. Below are the major personality categories from the well-known Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test. You will most likely associate with more than one category, so just pick the one that you feel is most dominant in your overall personality.

  1. Extroverts love being around people all the time.
  2. Introverts may enjoy being around other people but definitely need alone time as well.
  3. Sensors prefer to see things with their own eyes. They stick to practical activities that engage their five senses. 
  4. Intuitives look at the big picture rather than small details. They are dreamers who see endless possibilities. 
  5. Thinkers love to analyze lots of data and numbers to form an objective opinion.
  6. Feelers are a people-person who make decisions based on gut feelings and personal values. 
  7. Judgers are highly organized and prefer structure and planning.
  8. Perceivers go with the flow. They are spontaneous, open-minded, and can adapt to their environment.

Now that you’ve identified the type of person you are, we can review the best real estate schools that match your personality that will help you successfully obtain your real estate license in Illinois.

Best School for Introverts, Intuitives, and Perceivers

Colibri Real Estate is a great option for Introverts because of their comprehensive online resources and support for independent self-study. They have flashcards, study guides, recorded webinars, worksheets, and even hard copy books available to give you the freedom to study however you want.

As the largest online real estate school in the country, Colibri Real Estate offers the complete career solution for Intuitives. They have courses to help you in every step of your real estate career, from getting licensed all the way to closing more real estate transactions.

Colibri Real Estate caters to Perceivers by offering the most packages and resources of any school. You get the flexibility to explore various topics of real estate that you find interesting with complete independence. This open learning environment also helps people with busy schedules by giving them the flexibility to go at their own pace.

Best School for Extroverts and Feelers

Extroverts will feel energized and motivated by attending one of Real Estate Institute’s live classes in the Chicago area. Their top-notch instructors will present and reinforce concepts from the course textbook to show you the ins-and-outs of the real estate market.

Their physical classrooms are located in Niles, Lincoln Park, South Loop, West Loop, and Wicker Park. The classes run all day long on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 2 weeks. They only offer these live classes once a month, so there may be scheduling conflicts for some people.

By attending one of the live classes offered at Real Estate Institute, Feelers will be able to cultivate new relationships and form connections with their peers. Being able to make new friends in class will make learning a lot more comfortable and inviting. Role-playing scenarios, group discussions, and sharing stories can enhance the learning experience and make studying enjoyable. 

Best School for Sensors, Thinkers, and Judgers

Sensors will thrive with The CE Shop’s structured learning environment. There are a wide variety of interactive exercises to help you learn through repetition and memorization. They have one of the hardest programs in the real estate industry, so it may take you longer to finish the course. However, you will come away having mastered the material and will be able to pass the exam with ease.

At The CE Shop, it’s all about analyzing data. That’s why this school is a perfect match for Thinkers. They built their own custom learning platform called LEAP 2.0 from scratch. It is an inquiry-based model that gets your feedback as you study. This helps it generate test questions tailored to you to make your learning experience as optimal as possible.

Judgers may prefer the clean interface and organized format from The CE Shop. Everything is laid out clearly and neatly. They walk you through the material one slide at a time, and you can easily see your progress along the way. They have developed a thoughtful program from start to finish by closely monitoring how all of their students performed on the actual exam.

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