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Everybody who wants to get into the real estate industry has the same goal of obtaining a real estate license. However, not everyone is doing it for the same reason.

That’s why it is important to find the right real estate school that understands where you are coming from and what your needs will be. We have reviewed the entire list of Texas-accredited real estate schools and found the best programs that are tailored to fit your individual situation.

If you already have a full-time job or looking for a career change, we recommend:

Aceable Agent has the hottest real estate program in Texas right now. They are actually the newest real estate school in the industry, yet they have soared to being one of the top 3 schools in terms of the number of people getting licensed each year. They have accomplished this by perfecting a learning system that has engaging content, adapts to your own learning style, and by leaving out the stuff that isn’t important.

While other schools have multiple packages for you to choose from, they have only have one package. That’s because your goal is to get a real estate license, so they have packaged everything into an All-in-One solution for you to make that happen. You don’t ever have to worry about not having enough study materials or second guessing yourself with the “would’ve”, “could’ve”, “should’ve” thoughts. You get everything right the first time, saving time for busy working professionals.

The courses are online with videos incorporated throughout. There is a mobile app that you can download on your phone, so you can easily study from anywhere. If their industry-leading 79.6% pass rate on the Agent exam still doesn’t have you convinced, they back up their program with their Ace the Test Guarantee, which means that if you don’t pass the Agent exam, they will give you 100% refund.

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If you want to build the foundation for a long-term career, we recommend:

Colibri Real Estate is the largest online real estate school in the country. They have a ton of courses, the biggest staff of instructors, and a lot of resources to help you during your entire career. Colibri Real Estate also gives you the most choices with four packages to choose from. If you tend to overanalyze things like I do sometimes, this can leave you in a state of “paralysis by analysis.”

If you are 100% committed to being a real estate agent and planning for the long-term, the Exam Preparation Plus package is the best program to build your career from.

You not only get the first 6 courses to get licensed (180 total hours), but it also includes the other 3 courses (90 hours of SAE courses) that are required after you get licensed. TREC does give you 2 years after you are licensed to turn in your SAE courses. However, if you do them earlier, they will prepare you for the Agent Exam more by giving you that additional 90 hours of knowledge under your belt. Not to mention you save a ton of money. If you buy it later, Colibri Real Estate charges $249 for the 90-hour SAE package.

To top it off, you get access to talk to the instructors with the Instructor Q&A sessions. There are 3 live webinar sessions Monday through Friday at specific times where the instructor is on a webcam answering your questions on the spot.

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If you don’t like reading books or get distractedly easily, we recommend:

Kaplan is one of the biggest names in education around the world. For over 80 years, they have been a beacon for expanding access to education and a leader in innovation. They have over a million students worldwide in a hundred different countries. While they have courses available in every format, where they really excel is with their live classes.

If reading a book is too boring and not going to work for you, we recommend going with the Live Online Solution (180-Credit Hours) package. These classes make you feel like you are in a real classroom. You are engaged the whole time because you are watching the instructor give a live stream video presentation. If you have any questions, you can ask them right on the spot. That does also mean that the classes start on specific dates and times, so you have to make sure you login on time. However, you don’t have to worry about traffic or driving anywhere. You can just watch from the comfort of your house.

If you absolutely need to be in a physical classroom to stay engaged, they do have that option as well. The Live Class Solution package is available for an additional $100.

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If you won’t need any help on the courses or want to save the most money, we recommend: is one of the premier providers of online education. They primarily specialize in real estate, the food and beverage industry, and environmental health and safety. Having been around for over 20 years, they have helped millions of people get licensed with their courses. really focuses on getting what you need to fulfill state regulatory requirements at the lowest cost. They don’t have any additional career training options, job aids, or even live support.

If you have a lot of real estate experience already and won’t need any help, then the 180-hour Basic Texas Pre-License Package is the most cost-effective option for you. This would also be good if you just want to try out real estate as a hobby, since these courses are so cheap.

These online courses are in the standard text-based format, where you can unlimited access for 6 months. There will be multiple-choice quizzes and tests as you move through the course. There is nothing fancy about it, but it gets the job done while saving you a ton of money.

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