How To Choose The Right Broker To Work For

Anybody who has ventured into real estate business will tell you that finding the right broker to partner with is the most critical aspect of a fledgling career. It will also to a great extent determine whether you succeed or not. You are required to take this exercise seriously, take time to research, and meet with as many brokers as possible. If you have a strong beginning, courtesy of a supportive broker, you are assured of success in this business. So how do you find the right broker?

This should not be a difficult task. Here are some tips that can help with this.


As somebody who is starting out in a new career, you need to learn the ropes. You require some skills that will help you navigate through it.

The right real estate broker will offer this, train you on how you are supposed to start out, and what is required to make it in this lucrative yet competitive business. The kind of training offered by the broker needs to be targeted in equipping you with the skills necessary to be an excellent real estate agent. You need training on how to come up with a list of prospective customers, how to approach them and convert them from leads to prospects and ultimately customers.

You need knowledge of how to handle meetings with clients. This can be one of the most challenging parts especially for those who are starting out. Nothing you have done before would have prepared for that, but the best thing about it is that this can be learned.

With training, you can avoid mistakes that a majority of people who are starting out make. You will definitely make mistakes, but they might not be grave as when you have not been trained.

Any broker who is not willing or has no time to orient you to this profession is a no-go zone. That is a harbinger of more things to come up in the future. You can avoid all this by selecting a broker, who is willing to take you through the starting out process.

You will not only equip yourself with the skills and knowledge that are required to make it in this business but will gain enough courage to overcome challenges that come your way.

Commission Split

As a real estate agent, you are most likely to be paid on commission. This means if you do not sell, there will be no income for you. What you make after completing a deal will be split between you and the broker.

You will learn that brokers have different commission structures. There are some who may opt to give you a salaried position. Various factors will play out when it comes to commissioning splits.  They include company resources, market share, reputation, and culture.

The trick here comes selecting a broker who will give you an amount that is enough to keep you going. A broker who is out to exploit you should be avoided from the word go. It may not be easier in knowing whether the broker will give you a good deal, but there are some indicators which can tell you the kind of person or company you are dealing with.

The bottom line is that the commission earned should be reasonable, commensurate with the efforts that you put in getting the business. A broker who pockets a large portion of the income while leaving you with an amount that cannot support you is a no-go zone.

You are in this business to earn a commission, and if a broker does not guarantee you that you will be compensated adequately for your effort, he or she may not be worth his or her name.

Company Culture

Before settling on a given broker, you need to ask yourself the type of real estate company that you want to work for.  You need to consider the amount of support you need from those you are working for and with.

A real estate brokerage is just like any other type of business. It will have its own working culture, you need to understand it and know whether you will fit in well. You do not want to get into a brokerage only to realize that your aspirations and interests are incompatible.

You would have wasted your precious time as well as a chance to grow as a real estate professional. Although there may be different ways through which you may use to find out about the company culture, talking with other agents, especially those who have worked or may have interacted with the firm, may shed some light towards this end.


The bottom line is that you should strive to know more about the brokerage that you intend to work for. While it may be difficult studying several firms, it is worth the time and effort. And to make it easier, narrow down a few on a shortlist that have the qualities that you are looking for. Those are the ones you should spend more time researching and ultimately, selecting from.  

Choose a broker wisely. Your choice will significantly determine how your real estate career turns out.


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