Best Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Courses

It’s that time again. Time to renew your real estate license.

While every state has different requirements for Continuing Education (CE) courses, they all serve the same purpose: to keep agents up-to-date on current laws and regulations as well as reinforce ethical standards.  

The good news is that CE courses are generally easy and don’t take that much time. Consequently, they also don’t cost that much either, with a typical price range between $100 to $200. While Real Estate Commissions typically have required topics and courses that are mandatory, they also give you flexibility to choose some of your own elective topics as well.

With so many real estate schools popping up, it can be hard to tell what makes them different. They all seem to be saying the same thing and offering the same courses. The truth is that each school has their own strengths, weaknesses, and style of teaching.   

We’ve reviewed all the best real estate schools in the industry for continuing education courses and hand-picked the top three schools that will accommodate anyone’s situation. These schools also list the specific CE courses required by your state on their website. 

Best School for Knowledge Seekers

The CE Shop is one of the fastest growing real estate schools in the country. While they offer every type of course a real estate school can offer, you know a school particularly excels in continuing education courses when “CE” is in its name. In fact, they have among the widest selection of topics to choose from, so you will most certainly be able to find something that interests you.

The CE Shop built its own custom platform to deliver their courses. It has a simple and clean design, making it easy to use. It is also built to be compatible with all your mobile devices, so you can easily switch between devices if you are studying on the go. While you will be reading online text most of the time, they do incorporate a balanced mix of interactive exercises and video clips to keep you engaged.

The courses at The CE Shop are definitely more challenging than other schools. You get quizzed frequently and from every direction to help you retain the information better. This is done intentionally to help you truly master the material. There are no shortcuts or simply guessing your way through the tests. If you are looking for an easy course to simply satisfy your CE requirements, this is not the program for you. However, if you want to gain as much knowledge as possible to develop your career, then this is definitely the best way to go.

Best School for Busy People

McKissock is the subsidiary of Colibri Real Estate, the largest online real estate school in the country, that handles all of its continuing education courses. They are a 100% online-only program and cover all 50 states. While they don’t have a huge selection of CE topics to choose from, McKissock is great for people who want to get the courses done quickly and at a good price.

The courses follow the regular online format where you read through the material like an online book. There are multiple-choice tests at the end of each section. You can work on the courses during any time of the day and at your own pace. If you have a full-time job or just a really busy schedule, you will appreciate the flexibility this format brings.

Something unique to McKissock is their annual membership option that includes all CE courses for a single state plus some extra content to sharpen your skills, such as videos, webinars, etc.… If you are licensed in multiple states, they have another option that covers all states, saving you a ton of money. If your state doesn’t require you to do CE every year, then you can just sign up for the membership for one year and cancel. This will give you the best deal.

Best School for Video Courses

Kaplan is arguably the most recognized name in the education industry. They have been around for over 80 years and have helped millions of students achieve academic success through their programs. Although real estate is not their main specialty, they do offer courses in a variety of different formats to accommodate anyone’s preferred style of learning.

Here is a list of Kaplan’s course delivery methods that you can choose from:

  • OnDemand – This is a recorded video course that allows you to watch it at any time and at your own pace. This gives you maximum flexibility with scheduling and strong engagement to keep your focus.
  • Live Online – This format is a live video course that has a predetermined schedule of set dates and times. You will need a reliable internet connection to connect to the class via Zoom. Since there is a live instructor teaching the class, you get the most amount of engagement possible. However, this format offers the least amount of flexibility when it comes to scheduling.
  • Online – The Online option is the standard online course format, where you read through the course material on the computer like a book. There are multiple-choice test questions at the end of each section. You get six months to finish the program and can study at any time.
  • Home Study – If you study better with a physical book, the Home Study option will send you a physical copy of the textbook in the mail. You also get access to a downloadable PDF of the course material, and the only time you need to go online is to complete the test questions at the end of the sections.

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